Totten Intermediate School 34
6Th Grade Science Class Contract 2014/2015


Welcome to our science class.  The purpose of this set of guidelines is to provide you with a clear understanding of our class.  Following this set of guidelines will lead to a learning experience that is both valuable and enjoyable.  Any deviation from these guidelines will be reflected in the numerical and/or conduct portion of your report card grade, and possibly further disciplinary action beyond our class that can include losing privileges such as attending trips and other special school events.  The guidelines are based on our accepted set of school rules and standards that keep our learning environment safe, effective and fun.

Grading Policy

Test, Quizzes, Lab Reports, MOSL & Projects: (65%)

  • Tests are given at the end of a chapter, topic or unit.
  • Quizzes will be given to check a smaller amount of content. They may or may not be announced in advance.
  • Labs will be given throughout the year and will count as a test. Be sure to complete all sections of the labs.

Classwork/Participation/Lab Completion: (25%)

  • Class participation and copying notes.
  • Performance during group-work.
  • Maintaining your portfolio.
  • You are expected to come to class everyday prepared with the proper supplies.

Homework: (10%)

  • Typically homework will be assigned at the completion of a lesson and due the following day, unless otherwise noted.
  • No late homework will be accepted. There are NO exceptions; homework comes from the current lesson or topic.  Not doing it on time defeats its purpose.
  • If you are absent, the homework assigned during your absence is due the following day you return to class. It is your responsibility to hand in any and all missed work upon your return to class.
  • Homework assignments should have your full name and HR number. Write the assignment and HW number just below your name (page and question numbers). You must write the questions, writing the answers only will result in no credit.

All students and parents will be required to register for Pupil Path.  Pupil Path allows you to view you child’s assignments and monitor his/her performance in class including homework, classwork, tests and projects.  I hope that by enabling you to see this information on a daily basis we will be able to work together to ensure that our children remain on track in every class.

General Classroom Rules and the Daily Routines

  • You must enter and exit the room as instructed in a quiet and orderly fashion every day.
  • Immediately take your seat and begin your Do Now, copy the homework assignment, take any notes on display, and no talking once the late bell rings.
  • Respect Everyone: Raise your hand and wait to be called on when you wish to contribute to the class. Any disruptive behavior will not be tolerated; it is not fair to disrupt the lesson for any reason.  Take responsibility for your actions and decisions.
  • Keep Our Room Clean: No food, beverage, candy of gum is ever allowed.  This is school policy.  Sight of any of the mentioned items will result in a deduction to your grade and a conduct repercussion.  Put all garbage in the garbage pails.  Keep furniture clean and in order.
  • You must come to class on time. If you are late, you must have a pass.
  • Always turn in your own work. Any work that is copied will result in a zero and a lowered conduct grade.
  • Follow all Safety Rules especially during lab experiments.

Understand that the above rules and their consequences are non-negotiable.  You are in class to learn and disruptive behavior is not tolerated.  Breaking of these rules will result in any or all of the following:

  • Note/phone call home to parent/guardian.
  • Lowered conduct grade and class participation grade on report card.
  • Removal from grade activities (trip, special assemblies etc.)

Class Supplies

These supplies are needed on a daily basis unless otherwise noted.

  • 1 Marble Notebook or Spiral Notebook or 3 Ring Binder. Must be a dedicated to Science class.
  • 1 Standard two-pocket folder labeled Science to hold any handouts, worksheets and your homework. Be sure to have extra loose-leaf in your folders.
  • You may use pencil or a pen.
  • 2 Highlighters
  • Textbooks will be accessible through the school website.

It is important to understand that we are all responsible for our own actions and the consequences of those actions.  These guidelines (and a record of your understanding of it) will be kept on file during the course of this school year.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss these guidelines or anything about the class.  During the course of the year additional information about the presentation of material in the class, routines of the class and/or guidelines for the class may be introduced to improve the overall quality of the learning experience.

Please keep this set of guidelines inside your folder so you may reference during the year.  Parents and students please fill out the bottom portion of the guidelines contract and return it to us.  Thank you for your cooperation.  We are looking forward to a great year.

Respectfully Yours,

Mr. Portelos




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