Quickly Adding NCPSP Network Using Flashdrive

Some schools still have the old DOETWAC00M001 type wifi networks in addition to the newer NCPSP.  Changing over to NCPSP can be tedious, especially given the long passphrase.

Here’s a way to add the NCPSP file easily by plugging flash drive and double clicking a file.

Step 1: Copy these two files into a flash drive root folder (meaning not within another folder)

NCPSP.xml file

NCPSP Installer (bat file)

Step 2: Right click the ncpsp.xml and click EDIT. You can use Notepad. It should look like this:

<WLANProfile xmlns=”http://www.microsoft.com/networking/WLAN/profile/v1″&gt;

Step 3: Change the text between <keyMaterial> and </keyMaterial> (red font above) and change it to your school’s password.

Save and close.

Step 4: Right click and run as administrator the NCPSP Installer file. NCPSP Installer is set to run the XML file you just changed.

NCPSP should now be added and ready to go. I’ve tested it and it works.