Italian Class Contract

Please read contract and fill out form below.


Student Contract for Mr. Portelos’ Italian Class

The following contract has been put together to benefit all of the students in the classroom.  To maximize your progress and evaluation, meet the expectations below.

  • I am expected to treat my teacher with respect because he is a professional. This means I will always answer and speak to him or her with an acceptable tone of voice and facial expression.
  • I am expected to respect all school property, including, but not limited to, books, desks, chairs, employees’ personal belongings, etc. I will consume food, drinks, gum, candy, etc. on special occasions only.  I may drink water from a water bottle only.  I will dispose of my garbage only in the pails available in the classroom.
  • I am expected to respect my fellow classmates and the classroom’s learning environment. I should speak at appropriate times as instructed by the teacher and raise my hand when I have something to say.
  • I am expected to arrive to class on time with my fellow classmates. I will have a late pass from a faculty or staff member if ever I am late to class.

It is understandable that from time to time expectations are forgotten or difficult to meet.  Students will be reminded of their expectations on those occasions without any repercussion.  Of course if consistent reminders are needed, students’ behavior will be noted.  If noted behavior continues, parents will be contacted.  If student expectations do not improve, conduct grades will be reduced to an N or U.

Upon entering the classroom, I am expected to:

  1. Sit in my assigned seat.
  2. Take out my notebook.
  3. Begin copying the lesson on a new page in my notebook, and begin the Do Now.

Criteria of Evaluation

Students will be given a Pass/Fail grade on their report card based on assignments graded on Levels 1-4 and are weighted as follows:

50% – Classwork Assignments

40% – Projects (in class and from home)

10% – Participation

What am I expected of to ensure a passing grade?

  • I am expected to ask questions in class when I am not sure of something.
  • I am expected to try to speak the language I am learning. Mistakes are acceptable; silence is unacceptable.
  • I am expected to complete each assignment in class, on time. I will ask the teacher or a classmate (when permitted) for help when I do not comprehend.
  • I am expected to complete each class or individual project to the best of my ability and with much effort.
  • I am expected to receive an average of at least an “approaching expectation” level (Level 2) on all assignments in order to pass the class.


If contract form does not appear below click this link


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